DeadlyTrade Ver. User Guide

You can download the addon from our discord under the #download section, from the github page or from DeadlyTrade’s website. Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder and run DeadlyTrade.exe, Windows will probably give you a warning because the publisher is unknown. You can run a virus scan yourself if you want, but it has no malware it.

Main HUD​

After you launch the addon, you should see the main HUD pop up in game. You can lock/unlock the UI location by pressing the Lock at the top right. The image above explains what each button does.

Cache file sorting utility : Cache File Cleaner

Everytime you run POE, ‘minimap’ and ‘shader’ cache files stack. Too much of these could cause a performance degradation. Cache File Cleaner deletes every cache files older than 3 days.

1. Clicking ‘Check Cache’ button will display a utility window.
2. Clicking ‘Start Checking’ button checks the cache files.
a. It counts any minimap cache files older than 3 days in ‘My Games’ folder.
b. It counts any ‘ShaderCacheD3D11’, ‘ShaderCacheD3D11_GI’ cache files older than 3 days in POE installation folder.
c. When the cleaning is necessary, ‘Clean’ button appears and activates. Clicking each ‘Clean’ button will clean the cache files.


Path Of Exile game configuration backup & restoration

Feature that allows you to make a backup of Path Of Exile game configurations and restore them.

1. If you’ve never made a backup, ‘Restore’ button wouldn’t be activated.

a. ‘Backup’ button to make a backup of your configurations.
b. ‘Restore’ button to restore your configurations.

2. If you already have a backup file, it asks if you would overwrite the file, like the picture above.
a. ‘YES’, of course, overwrites it.
b. If you’d like to maually make a backup of your personal game configurations, copy ‘production_Config.ini’ file in Documents – My Games – Path Of Exile folder.


Window location movement

1. Most windows can be moved by dragging the title bar.
a. The location of the moved window will be automatically remembered depending on the type and use of the window, but some may not.
b. Windows with no location memory will mostly be displayed on the middle of the screen.

2. The main HUD, flask timer, and skill timer are fixed by default. Use the lock/unlock button to move the locked windows.
3. When the winodws are locked, you cannot reloacate the main HUD, flask timer, and skill timer. It is to prevent misclicks in-game.
4. Clicking the lock button puts windows into ‘unfixed’ state. You can move the main HUD, flask timer, skill timer and then click the lock button again to put them into ‘fixed’ state.

5. Relocated windows, except particular windows that always appear in the middle of the screen like previously mentioned, appear at the same location as memorized.
○ Their location memories are stored in ConfiPath~ ini files.


Automatic Grid
Automatically detect and display the grid in the item window.
Find by X,Y Position
You can use this button when you get a trading message from a Kakao user or from someone using a different language. You can input the coordinates in the trading message as shown below and find the item requested.

Chat Scanner

You can use this button when you get a trading message from a Kakao user or from someone using a different language. You can input the coordinates in the trading message as shown below and find the item requested.

Ninja Prices

You can use this button to check prices and convert currency values.

○ You can choose the league on the upper-left combo-box.
○ ‘Refresh’ button will re-import Poe.Ninja data of the exact time you click it. Refeshed time will be displayed on ‘Last Checked’.
○ It might take a little time to ‘Refresh’ or change the league, as informations in 19 different categories get re-imported.

○ Using the search box above the list in the middle, you can search items. Supports English and Korean search.
○ Enter the name of the item to search and press Enter, or click ‘=?’ button to select the item in the list, and the item will be highlighted.
○ By entering ea(amount) under the search box, the Chaos and Exalted orb value will appear depending on the selected item and its amount.

ex) Search vaal orb → Automatically selected → Change the amount to 350 and press Enter → 147.00 Chaos orbs / 0.92 Exalted orbs


Use this button to access settings to change hot keys, customize buttons, and set flask times.


Atlas Information

You can get information about the atlas using this button as shown below.

Search Maps

You can search maps by region using this button. If you have your stash open it will automatically search for the selected region/map.

– It is advised to use this feature with your stash open.
– Click a region to search all the maps in the region and display them on the list below.

– Double-click a map in the list to search it on your stash.


Opens up the UI for some useful commands as you can see. You can toggle it on/off with this button.


You can use this button to open up the lab overlay. You can choose which lab and press launch overlay to open that day’s lab with the data from You can then resize it the way you like.

Act Helper

Act helper is especially useful when you want to reroll or speedrun at league start. It will tell you where to go for waypoints and every step from Act 1 to Act 10. You no longer have to alt tab to look at a leveling guide and you can use this for a faster playthrough.

– UI will be displayed in Korean or English, by automatically checking your UI configurations.
– Some maps with updated layouts do not have their changes reflected. In that case, please focus on the quest and instructions on the Act helper.
– Some maps with no informations at all or maps that do not need detailed instructions to go through, will not display images.


You can access detailed syndicate information using this button or the hotkeys if you have them enabled.

The Temple of Atzoatl

You can get information about rooms in the temple using this button or the hotkeys if you have them enabled. (English on the left side, Korean on the right)


Chromatic Calculate

You can calculate how many chromatic orbs you will need on average in order to get the sockets you want using this tool.

Oil Anointments Information

You can get information about Oil Anointments for rings, amulets and maps. You can either put the oils yourself to see what enchant you get or you can search for it using the search bar.


Transaction notification

Miscellaneous functions

Remaining monsters count hotkey is F2 by default, and is configurable in the settings.
More than 50 monsters are displayed as 50+.

Automatic feature that works in the hideout.
When somebody enters the hideout, a panel with the character’s name is displayed for about a second, like the picture above.
It is more useful during a trade.


You can use it to close down DeadlyTrade. You can also close it from the windows tray at the bottom right by right clicking on the DeadlyTrade icon.


  • DeadlyTrade is made based on 1920×1080 Windows Fullscreen Path of Exile. You can find other resolution’s config files in the installation folder.

  • Does the trading UI work with Kakao Users? No, it does not. Unfortunately right now there is no way to read messages from Kakao Client users with an addon because of legal/ToS issues.

  • I am getting a warning when i try to install. Are you trying to hack my computer? No, we are not. To prevent that warning from popping up we need to buy a license, which costs a lot of money. You can run the files through an antivirus if you wish to be safe about it. (Which you should, never trust a stranger on the internet.)

  • I got a suggestion/problem, how can i contact you? You can contact us via our discord. We would be happy to listen to you.

DeadlyTrade Development completed. Preparing to deploy

 [2020.02.05] DeadlyTrade 
 Development completed. Preparing to deploy 

Developement Done. Current QA process. Will be released soon after determin Korean/English deployment deployent policy.

Ⅰ. UI Renewal.
Ⅱ. Ninja Data Speed Up.
Ⅲ. New Flask Timer and Sound.
Ⅳ. Bug Fix.
Ⅴ. And Etc.

DeadlyTrade Hotfix Released

 DeadlyTrade Hotfix Released 


– Hotfix
» If font is not installed show install guide message. It use gulim and arial font.
» Before fix the slow moving at certain PC when using CTRL+MouseWheel for moving stash tab.
 You can check/uncheck that using CTRL+MouseWheel for moving stash tab. Now that checkbox work propery.

It will auto update.



DeadlyTrade Released

 DeadlyTrade Released 



Ⅰ. Server Integration.
Now Github will only be used for announcements, and DeadlyCrush Jumpleasure server, being the main server, will be mirrored to DeadlyTrade server. We beg your excuse about having to download version in whole instead of partial update, because of this reason.

Ⅱ. New Features.

» New utility function added on launcher.
 ○ Function that Backup and resotore personal option of Path Of Exile.
 ○ Now launcher have 2 utilities. Minimap cache clearner, Shader cache cleaner, Function that Backup and resotore POE options.

Ⅲ. Donation Added.
» Donation button is added really activly by Korean and the other countries user’s request.

Ⅳ. Improvement.

» Changed Launcher UI, Added convinience.
 ○ Added checkbox that use stath moving by CTRL+MOUSE WHEEL. If you have trouble with CTRL+MOUSEWHEEL uncheck this.
 ○ Show auto detected POE resolution
 ○ Now can’t click launcher’s start button if already started.
 ○ Update contents show Korean or English by your ui language option.
 ○ Tray Menu and Icon Changed.

» Ninja Function Improved.
 ○ Many convinience is added. You can see detail at Discord server or DeadlyTrade Site.

Ⅴ. .Bug Fixed.

» Fixed that couldn’t calculate selected item’s exalted orb to chaos orb if below 0.0 at Ninja Function.
» Fixed certain error when ‘Refresh’ button in Ninja Function.
» Fixed that Not showing entire CMD button at CMD function.